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Manheim Fowles Auctions is the subject of this post which is a followup on the motor vehicle auctions in Melbourne article we posted earlier.  If you want to read other articles in this website relating to Melbourne car auctions see here and about Police Car Auctions including a video about vehicles that were bought at a police car auction and tested with surprising results – check here [Police Car Auctions Australia]

If you are looking for car auction Melbourne information and have searched Fowles car auctions then you wont find any information on the Fowles Auction website to do with car auctions Melbourne.  The Fowles website doesn’t deal with cars, listed on the website – [Fowles Auctioneers, Melbourne] are auctions related to everything under the sun but nothing to do with cars.  If you arrive at the Fowles car auctions website you will see the company is opened 7 days a week and have timber and carpet auctions every Wednesday.

Fowles Car Auctions, Melbourne



Out of interest here is the contact details for Fowles Auctions – Melbourne office:

fowles car auctions melbourneFowles Car Auctions Melbourne
 2099 Princes Highway, Clayton, VIC 3168

Contact telephone number for Fowles Auctions as: 03-9265 5555
Opening hours:  Monday to Friday 8.00am – 5.00pm and on  Saturday 8.00am – 4.00pm and on Sunday 10.00am – 4.00pm

Auctions at Fowles Melbourne are: Carpet Sales, Timber Floor Sales, Auctions of Carpet and rugs, Home Renovator Auctions, Timber & Building Materials Auction in Melbourne.

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