Fowles Auctions Melbourne. Change of direction in recent years.

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Fowles Auctions – Background

I have not used Fowles to buy motor vehicles at auction in the past, but many car buyers that I chat to online have bought from Fowles car auctions previously.  This post serves more as an alert to update the companies current focus and where it is currently directing its enquiries for motor vehicle auctions to.  Surprisingly, many people still think Fowles sell by auction motor vehicles but sorry to say the auto auctions component of the business has gone and the companys website passes a link over to Manheims Auctions in Melbourne with Fowles now concentrating its core focus of auctioning amongst other things building materials and floor coverings. 

Back in 1998 the company was reportedly under stress from what I could see in past media reports, digging around some past media reports there was a time when  it was reported that the largest Auction house in Australia and an institution in Melbourne for over 40 years at the time was at risk of being torn apart by a bitter legal dispute between the groups four partners that threatened to break up the business.  See article here

Well, times have moved on and years later the group is still alive and kicking and very much doing well however, these days Fowles don’t auction motor cars like they used to.  The main page refers people to Manheim Auctions – Here.  So, it seems many people still relate to the Fowles group selling by auction in Melboune motor used autos (I have never been to a Fowles auction or have had any association or dealings with Fowles Melbourne, however, after reviewing their website it would be a good place to buy cheap timber and home renovation materials especially floor carpeting as will be discussed)

These days Fowles specifically focus on auctioning carpet and flooring as its core business.  Fowles website lists items for sale including:  Carpet, timber flooring, timber building materials, complete kitchens, bathrooms, laundry appliances etc to be exact and not auctioning motor vehicles.  Fowles carpet range is quite broad alone on carpets including Wool Carpets, Nylon Carpets, Solution Dyed Nylon Carpets, Polypropylene Carpets, Stainblock Nylon Carpets, Wool Blend Carpets, Polyester Carpets, Commercial Carpets, Underlay and Vinyl.  In Fowle’s timber flooring range they have flooring for decking, treated pine, structural pine, mouldings, redgum sleepers, engineered flooring,  bamboo flooring Boral Silkwood, Embelton, Baltimore, ReadyFlor, Uniclick floating timber floors and laminates. as well as insulation and doors.

As noted from their website, Fowles offer direct to the public sales and auctions and claim over 5,000 rolls of carpet in stock and over 200 lines of timber flooring.  The company offers a free measure and quote service on the products they put up for auction however, you’ll have to ask them about that one as it’s getting outside the scope of this websites purpose focusing on motor vehicles. 

Opening – Trading Hours

Fowles are a Melbourne based auction group based in Clayton. Clayton is a suburb in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 19 km south-east of Melbourne’s central business district. Its local government area is the City of Monash. 

The company trades 7 days per week generally 8am to 5pm and on Sundays being open from 10am to 4pm.    The Fowles Melbourne website doesnt deal with motor cars and listed on the Fowles Auctioneers Melbourne  website is everything under the sun to do with auctions but nothing listed to do with car auctions as this was dropped from their core business focus a while ago.  Fowles and its association with motor vehicle auctions is still firmly in the minds of many though as business at the time of operation was very “brisk” to a point of being an institution on the Melbourne car auction scene.

Every Wednesday, Timber flooring and carpet auctions are held.  The company is also active in the home renovation scene and have been on TV in conjunction with Foxtel cable channel show “selling houses”.  For home renovators in Melbourne the website is reasonably well laid out where you can subscribe to a catalogue, employment related postings.

Auction Location – Address

Fowles Car Auctions Melbourne
 2099 Princes Highway, Clayton, VIC 3168

Contact telephone number for Fowles Auctions as: 03-9265 5555
Opening hours:  Monday to Friday 8.00am – 5.00pm and on  Saturday 8.00am – 4.00pm and on Sunday 10.00am – 4.00pm

Consumer reviews online

fowles car auctions melbourneFowles auctions Melbourne previously conducted auctions of motor vehicles and there are some discussion threads that relate to transacting used cars via Fowles auctions however, it must be noted that Fowles no longer conducts car auctions - Here are the following “dated” discussion threads that have been placed here in this article as a matter of reference:

Post whether anyone had bought a used car at auction through Fowles – Old and dated 2006  
Consumer reviews website  Not good enough are quite good at getting answers for service and consumer related issues and it appears that the company has a good track record of keeping out of the Not Good Enough’s spotlight.   From what searches I did on Google the company has had a reasonably good track record with customers.

Another discussion thread going back to pre 2012 days was about buying a car through Fowles vs Pickles – here where the poster asked “Is it safe to buy a car from Pickles auctions?” and this one in a Ford car forum – here dated 2002.  If you like dealing with Fowles and would love to give them a thumbs up, one site that I use frequently is WOMO.  WOMO or Word of mouth has a lot of reviews of companies in Melbourne including a page on Fowles auctions and sales – here. 

Manheim Auctions Melbourne

So you might have thought that this post had gone off topic in relation to motor vehicle auctions Melboune and discussing timber flooring and carpet auctions with Fowles.  Well, the main page of the Fowles website refers readers who want information about motor vehicle auctions to go to ManheimClick here for the Manheim auction group website.

Who are Manheim auctions?

Manheim have an international presence not only throughout  Australia Canada  France, Italy, New Zealand, Portugal, Spain, Thailand, Turkey and in the UK and USA.

Manheim Car Auctions MelbourneIn terms of Australia – The Manheim car auction group on their website above claim to have over fifty years experience in the Australian car auction market.  Fortunately for people living in Melbourne the headquarters is located in Melbourne but the company does conduct car auctions all around Australia and internationally of motor vehicles, passenger cars, commercial vehicles, light and heavy types of trucks, all manner of motorbikes and motorcycle auctions, boating and recreational boats and vehicles as well as Melbourne machinery auctions and plant and equipment auctions.  Manheim auctions also provide ancillary services such as working in with the insurance industry for the remarketing of damaged units from these sectors.

Car auctions are conducted weekly.  Trade and public car auctions are held in Melbourne for passenger motor cars and commercial vehicles and 4 wheel drive and damaged car auctions with Melbourne machinery auctions and truck sales by auction held on a monthly basis.  For a full list of locations for Manheim Car Auctions [click here] 

If you are wanting to check out Fowles website go here.

 fowles car auctions clayton Melbourne web  page











If you want to see videos about Fowles such as what is for sale, the sales venue etc they have quite a good selection of videos on their Vimeo page.  Fowles Vimeo ChannelBut remember, as I described above, Fowles have changed their business direction from auctioning cars to auctioning building materials and seemingly passed over the car auction referrals to Manheims Auctions in Melbourne.


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