Melbourne car auctions.

This article is about Melbourne Car Auctions (Fleet car, Government car, Fowles, Pickles, ex police car and taxi auctions etc) but is part of a number of ongoing articles about the auto auction scene in Melbourne that I will be writing as this blog develops.

In my experience talking to friends who have sold cars at a Melbourne car auction and myself attending car auctions in Melbourne but having never sold a car via the auction process, Car Auctions in Melbourne can be costly for sellers sometimes.  I say sometimes as given I observed only I only felt the cars were sold at the cheaper end of the scale. Melbourne car auctions seem great for the buyer and car dealer but in many cases the cost of getting the vehicle there, registered, cleaned up and presented for the motor vehicle auction may not be worth the sale price received at the Auction on the day.   The motor vehicle auctions comprise a range of origins to compete with including ex Government, Fleet and other cars being off loaded.  Melbourne car dealers are there also looking for stock for their car yards.  Cash for cars Melbourne wanted to give you the drill on Auctions of cars in Melbourne.

The drill is .. everyone wants a car bargain and wants a cheap used car buy and the last thing you need is a batch of 20 ex government Commodores coming in to be offloaded when you are trying to sell your car.  Presentation therefore has to be spotless.  People that are coming here are either dealers or looking to buy at Auction cheaper than they could get a similar car from a dealer. 

If your selling your car at a car auction you really need to do your homework as to car market valuations and the selling prices as you don’t want to be pressured into letting the motor car go at auction for a bargain.  If in the past i really wanted cash for my car then I wasnt prepared to sell at auction, I chose to get cash for my car via selling privately online advertising on gumtree or similar sites which received good responses from car buyers in Melbourne.   Actually, buying a motor car at Auction is quite hassle free and quick and no nonsense way to do a deal.  Usually for the car buyer its a good way to buy cars if you feel comfortable bidding and attending the Melbourne motor vehicle auctions.

Here’s a few Melbourne Car Auctions – businesses that i managed to find online:

Before driving halfway accross town from say Bayside to Essendon … try and ring the places first and confirm the locations as well as the specialty.  Who knows… these places may have changed business and be selling back hoes and filing cabinets and family breakup house lots including the old dunny for auction now.

You could always ring some of these places and ask questions regardless, there’s nothing to lose.

LinkWizz Online Car Auction, Altona Meadows, VIC
0431 101 874 (This was online, lets hope the mobile number is correct and its not going to be annoying anyone.  If you find this number has changed then please advise me at asitejust4u (at) and I will remove this.

Essendon Airport Auctions, Essendon Airport, VIC
Essendon Airport Auctions conduct fortnightly In-House and Onsite Auction Sales of Earth moving Equipment, Trucks & Trailers, Surplus Stock or Equipment
(03)9379723 or try +61 3 9010 5727

Pickles Auctions, Tullamarine, VIC
Pickles Auctions have regular auctions of motor vehicles, government cars, fleet vehicles, damaged cars, trucks and plant, and general goods.
03 9338 8899

Manheim fowles, Altona North, VIC
+61 3 9922 6555.  Manheim  have auctions on a regular basis. Not too sure about these guys.  Research has revealed they have been in Australia and NZ for around 50 years.  They are the regions largest motor vehicle auctioneer.

ManheimFowles’ clients include all major manufacturers, importers, fleet lease and rental operators, government, truck and machinery sellers, the insurance industry, banking and financial institutions, and corporate sellers.

As ‘consignment only’ auctioneers, we own no stock of our own. That means we act purely as an agent – so our highest priority remains to provide an open and transparent service to the buyers and sellers using our auction services.

Melbourne car auctionsGetting cold hard cash in hand for your old motor vehicle… but how?

One way is to auction the car and there are various car auction groups in Melbourne that stock for auction ranges of ex fleet cars. Competition may be fierce and you may not meet your expected sale price. Two groups called Fowles and Pickles run big Auction runs. There are Government car auctions in Melbourne as well as Fleet Auctions. Im not sure how your motor vehicle would complete with these guys selling a big lot of vehicles.

Another Melbourne car auction place is called Carlins.   Carlins is a family owned busines established in 1960 located in Melbourne.

Car Auction House –   Australian Motor Auctions (AMA) buy and sell motor vehicles of all makes and models, from $100 bombs to $150,000 prestige cars and everything in between. Founded over 30 years ago and is located at Port Melbourne.

There seemed another group by the same name of Car Auction House but going by the URL “South Bank Auto Auctions” Deal in a range of  small hatches, sedans, wagons, SUV’s, 4WD’s and of course commercials as well as former fleet vehicles for auction.  Southbank Auctions allow pre inspections of the motor cars on offer, you can read more about the Southbank auctions group in our article in this section of the website – here.

Melbourne car auctions – Classic and collector cars

In terms of selling collector cars at auction in Melbourne theres Shannons.   Shannons have been operating since 1981.

I am hoping to update this section more accurately about Car Auctions in Melbourne.  Maybe some readers might like to comment on their Melbourne car auctions experience/s whether good or bad or neither.  Fowles and Pickles are two major auction houses in Melbourne for Melbourne car auctions.  Perhaps you have had experience selling through Fowles and Pickles or other Melbourne car auctions services.  I will hopefully get a bit more information about Government car auctions, Fleet car auctions etc as when you sell your car for cash you might like to check out Auctions in Melbourne as a means of acquiring a new car. Our site is aimed at sellers in Melbourne Victoria and not sellers from the city of Melbourne in Florida, USA


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